Lenny Pojarov - Voices Reprise


"VOICES" is one of the most pure and honest songs I have ever written, as it reflects me in a very personal way.


This anthem goes out to everyone who is suffering from massive self-doubt but still stands up to own who they are.


How do you like Max Loewe's Reprise Version btw.? I think it's awesome.


"Reprise" is representing all the amazing remixes my dear colleagues Nana K., Kirill Bukka, Ugly Faces crafted, pouring their love of the song and their earnest support of the subject into each version. So, stay tuned for those!


From the bottom of my heart I want to thank the late Abi Ofarim who held my hand back in 2014 when I was in a really bad place and when VOICES was written.


Also, huge thanks to my girl Josefa Ribeiro de Aguiar who shared her vision of this video with me - it's due to her that it turned out so special.


Lenny loves you.